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The sun always shines above the clouds

At IC-Joy the collections are designed by emerging designer Christophe Cohen.

Christophe was born in Nice, France but moved to London in 1996, where he is now based. The move had a huge impact on his work as he quickly found London to be a capital city of expression, optimism and vibrancy - all things that are resonant in his work. 

Christophe believes "it is the nature of the city to encompass everything".


After working as a hairdresser in the 80s, Christophe began his 20 year long career in the fashion industry as a photographer. He focused on taking 'behind the scenes' shots at catwalk shows all over Europe. When not behind his camera, Christophe could also often be found professionally styling the models' hair and make-up at these shows. His passion and flair for photography has led to experience shooting portraits, editorial and commercial work in the fashion and beauty industry.


Christophe is a man of many talents, passions and dreams.


Christophe a Painter

Painting has a been powerful influence in Christophe’s life with inspiration being drawn from the likes of Frida Kahlo, René Magritte, Salvador Dalí and Man Ray to define his style of surrealism.


This new found passion for painting came as a second breath of fresh air, motivating Christophe through challenging times in his life when everything felt like it was collapsing.


His faith in life and “faith in a God” supported him through his first exhibition in 2015.


Christophe’s passion for painting gives him a unique perspective on the design industry, one he aims to convey through the design of his collections.



Christophe a designer

In his design work, Christophe combines sensitivity and vulnerability versus feminism; with a touch of masculinity.


Fashion is a creative industry that Christophe feels has been at the heart of all he has done up until now. This, the launch of his own collection, is the most exciting time of his career to date.


Whether it is with simple sketches or paint on a canvas, Christophe loves the imperfections & unique qualities of real life art, the kind that doesn't have an undo button.


Embracing the uncertainty of everyday, his favourite sentence is “The sun always shines above the clouds.” (Paul F. Davis)


Urban chic defines the upcoming collection, worn by audacious women who dare to wear something casual with extra spice. The clothes demonstrate effortless glamour, natural intimacy, versatility and creativity with a French twist born from Christophe’s traditional roots.